We are committed to provide the best for your wedding.

Together with our vendors, we offer you unique and creative after-bridal services. Couples appreciate our services, as we are able to provide them with what they really want while ensuring our vendors are both professional and reliable.

Wedding Planning

The real fact is, planning for wedding may be a tedious & stressful affair. Having a wedding planner to look into every detail, big or small, before and during your wedding day, would certainly [...]

Wedding Emcees

Selecting a suitable emcee for your wedding is an important decision. As much as you want your best friends to help host your wedding, they may not be comfortable in doing so. It would [...]

Candy Buffet

Having a candy buffet on your wedding day can add sweetness and lots of fun that will be enjoyed by all. Choose exciting themes and have your own decorations, from a range of stylized [...]

Childhood Montage

A well-crafted childhood montage rekindles the good old days of the both of you growing up, those dating days all the way till the very day of your marriage. Set the mood right for [...]

Wedding Singer

Weddings can be different with a wedding singer on stage performing love ballads for your guests. Enjoy an evening of lovey dovey lyrics and silky smooth voices of these singers. Along with a wonderful [...]

Artistic Services

What could be more beautiful than a handmade wedding? Scrapztudio will help you create your dream wedding perfect for you and your budget. With a little bit of handmade magic, creativity and inspiration; you [...]

Dance Choreography

Surprise your guest right after your first wedding dance by jumping into the latest pop song or simply amaze your bride-to-be with a well-choreographed dance together with the brides-man. Our private dance classes are [...]

Wedding Rings

Looking for an engagement ring for proposal doesn't have to be a dreaded experience. With the right amount of knowledge about what to look for in a ring, coupled with your excitement about asking [...]