1) Select your photos and videos

Take some time to run through your photos and videos, shortlist them for the following categories:

– Bride’s childhood to recent photos
– Groom’s childhood to recent photos
– Dating photos
– Proposal and/or Pre-wedding photos

To ensure a better montage quality, please provide us with high resolution photo if possible. For scanning of photos, please ensure it is at least 300dpi.

For quantity of photos, we recommend having:
– 15 to 20 Bride’s childhood photos
– 15 to 20 Groom’s childhood photos
– 20 to 25 Dating photos
– 15 to 20 Proposal and/or Pre-wedding photos

If there are videos you’d like to include for the above segments, please place them in the respective folder. Videos duration are restricted to 10 seconds only. If you need help in trimming the video, please let us know.

2) Organize your photos and videos into folders

As you start finalizing your photos and videos, you should organize them into the various folders as below.


Once done, arrange each photo and video in the sequence you’d like us to start with. Ideally, photos and videos should be sorted in a chronological order.


3) Insert your captions and text

Caption your photos or insert text slide in between photos as shown. Download our template here and email us a copy when you have completed the form, you will need to use this form again for point 4 and 5 below.

Although it is possible to caption every photo, we highly recommend having no more than 1 caption for every 5 photos in sequence. This will allow us to animate more transition for your montage.

4) Choose a template

Choose a template for your montage. If you need to view the templates again, click here.

*Note: Templates are subject to availability.

5) Choose your songs

Browse and choose songs from our music library below for each of your segment. If you prefer to have only one to two songs, we can arrange it for you as well.

*Note: Songs are subject to availability.

  1. A Good Day Today (Featuring Joe Cameron) Gordon Pogoda 3:25
  2. All About Your Heart Mindy Gledhill 4:09
  3. All I Ever Wanted Steve Collom 2:41
  4. As Long As You Love Me Arden Kaywin 3:46
  5. Beautiful Day Ryan Huston 6:35
  6. Beautiful Life Fisher 3:09
  7. Better in Two's Chantelle Barry 3:20
  8. Better Together Jeffery Paul Ciampa 3:14
  9. Can't Be Anything Else Amber Rose 3:40
  10. Can't Love You Enough Beth Champion Mason 4:07
  11. Coolest Drop Of Rain Daniel Ho 3:51
  12. Counting On You Mikey Wax 3:31
  13. Fly Away Chantelle Barry 3:05
  14. Golden Days The Memory Stones 4:08
  15. Happy Secrets In Stereo 5:31
  16. Heart Shaped Lover The Romantic Era 3:47
  17. I Struck Love Catherine Porter 3:29
  18. If Ever There Was (Wedding Song) Gordon Pogoda 3:24
  19. I'll Be Yours Andrea Perry, Sarah Sharp 2:56
  20. It's All Good (Touch The Sky) Rebel America 4:07
  21. It's Good To Be (Featuring Shannon Penn) Gordon Pogoda 2:44
  22. Life is Perfect Andrea Perry, Sarah Sharp 2:57
  23. Like You Do Chantelle Barry 3:52
  24. Love Changes Everything Kat Parsons 3:19
  25. Love Spell Ryan Huston 4:44
  26. Love You Forever Ryan Huston 4:06
  27. Me & You David Jonelis 3:24
  28. Me, Myself and You Amy Powers 3:17
  29. Mr & Mrs Happily Ever After Stacie Rose 3:27
  30. My Mona Lisa The One Billy Schafer 3:23
  31. Next To Me Next To You Darden Smith 3:34
  32. Say You Believe Amanda Kaletsky 5:58
  33. See The Good Mindy Gledhill 2:37
  34. Smile Keegan Smith 4:50
  35. The Heart Of Me Craig Moxey 3:45
  36. This Life Ryan Huston 4:32
  37. Top Of The World Colorsound 2:59
  38. U Got Me Kavi 3:20
  39. Valentine Cary Judd 2:51
  40. You Make Me Smile Ernie Halter 3:37
  41. You're Beautiful Steve Collom 2:35

Please note that all our music provided are licensed. If you wish to use your own songs, you must apply for a music license via RIPS (Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd). RIPS is a collective licensing body empowered to exercise the rights of the record companies with respect to the reproduction of sound recordings as background music for wedding videography or photo montage.

6) Send us your files

Finally, zip and send your files to us. As your file size may be large, we recommend sending them by:

Dropbox (2gb)
Hightail (250mb)
WeTransfer (2gb)

7) Preview your montage

Upon receiving your files and initial payment, we will commerce work on your montage and a preview will be ready within 1 to 2 weeks. Should you require your montage urgently, please discuss with us first on how we can prioritize your montage production if possible.

We are able to make changes to your photo sequence; headings and captions, and song choices. Should there be any changes to your montage, do note that there will be a difference to the animation between the final montage and the draft versions, however, the overall feel of the template will be the same.