Project Description

A well-crafted childhood montage rekindles the good old days of the both of you growing up, those dating days all the way till the very day of your marriage. Set the mood right for your wedding and witness laughter and joy from your family and guests, leaving the day a memorable one.

Montage Template

We have the following templates for your selection:

Rates & Packages

  • Childhood Montage: $208
  • Pre-wedding Montage: $188

Your childhood montage may consist:

– Up to 4 segments (Bride’s childhood, Groom’s childhood, Dating, Proposal or Pre-wedding photos)
– Up to 4 licensed background music from our library (1 background music per segment)
– Up to 4 10 seconds videos (1-2 video per segment)

We recommend having:

– 15 to 20 Bride’s childhood photos
– 15 to 20 Groom’s childhood photos
– 20 to 25 Dating photos
– 15 to 20 Proposal or Pre-wedding photos
– 5 to 8 minutes total montage length
– No more than 1 caption for every 5 photos

You will receive your montage in HD 1080p.

To understand what is required of you for the montage production, please refer to our step-by-step guide here.

Your pre-wedding montage may consist:

– 1 segment (Pre-wedding photos only)
– Background music will be provided if needed
– Up to 3 continuous loop of montage (Looping varies with the length of montage)

You will receive your montage in HD 1080p.

Rustic theme is not available for pre-wedding montage.

Payment Terms

Once confirmed, we are required to receive

1) 100% payment (if your wedding is less than 3 months of booking date or if service is on promotion) or;

2) 50% deposit (if your wedding is more than 3 months of booking date), the remaining deposit will be collected upon delivery of the final montage video.

Terms & Conditions

1) Any promotion is applicable only to weddings from now till 31 December 2016.
2) Wedding service is subjected to availability.
3) Bookings confirmed is non-refundable and/or non-transferable.
4) WYMM reserves the rights to amend any terms & conditions without prior notice.
5) WYMM reserves the rights to reject any customers at our sole discretion.
6) All decisions made by in respect of this promotion or in the event of any dispute are final.